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Dersław is an economic entity created due to the separation of the Industrial Guard Department from the organisational structure of Tadeusz Kościuszko Power Station in Połaniec. It was founded based on the notary act written on 27 May 1996 under Repertory number A/439/1996r. On 10 April 1997 with a notary act written in Staszów under Repertory number A/1593/98, Tadeusz Kościuszko Power Station in Połaniec joins Dersław with a contribution of 20 750 shares. On 12 September 2000 Power Station gains 760 of its shares in Dersław as a donation. On 19 December 2003 Power Station in Połaniec – Electrabel Group sold all its shares to DGP-Poland Group LLC in Legnica.

The company is an entity registered in the Commercial Register of the National Court Register kept by the District Court in Kielce, in the X Commercial Division under KRS 0000105234. The operating time frame of the Company is unlimited.

The main areas of activity the company are:

  • 55.10.Z. hotels and similar establishments
  • 55.20.Z. holiday and other short-stay accommodations
  • 55.90.Z. other rented accommodations
  • 56.10.Z. restaurants and other services
  • 56.21.Z. preparation and delivery of food for external recipients (catering)
  • 56.29.Z. other gastronomic services
  • 80.10.Z. security services excluding the area of security systems operation
  • 80.20.Z. security services in the area of security systems operation

Regulated by:

  • Commercial Companies Code
  • Notary Act
  • Company Agreement
  • Organisational Rules
  • Collective Employment Agreement

Management board: Romuald Garczewski M.Sc. – Chairman of the board, general manager

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Dersław Spółka z o.o.
ul. Ruszczańska 24
28-230 Połaniec

Identification details:

REGON : 830283254
NIP : 866-12-87-451
KRS : 0000125234