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Canteen Dersław is located in the famous of the power plant Połaniec . We offer large rooms specifically tailored to the organization group events (350 pers.) , as well as other special request. We serve both dishes daily and exquisite. Organize occasional of a family and all kinds of parties for companies and private individuals. We also specialize in organizing events on a large scale.

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The canteen beside the power plant offering preventive meals and company dinners for employees of Power Plants and companies, a wide range of possible to organize parties, ie .:

Stołówka Dersław
  • wesela, chrzciny,
  • events for children,
  • First Communion, Christmas Eve meetings,
  • New Year’s Eve, banquets for retiring,
  • meals for groups and other events,
  • beer taverns, womanly combry, proms,
  • festivals, parties, outdoor events,
  • professional catering.

Canteen protects comprehensively all of the types of admissions on the side of gastronomy. Our staff will advise the client in the selection menu, color decorations and music. We advise in the selection of dishes or adjust to your culinary tastes. Guests who wish or prefer to organize a ceremony outside the premises can count on our help. We are ready to deliver our dishes to any address!

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