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Dersław provides gastronomic services in Połaniec Motel, Rytwiany Hotel and Połaniec Power Station Canteen. We can fulfil the needs of any client, no matter their requirements or budget. We serve everyday meals and exclusive dishes. We organize events for families, companies and individuals. The wide variety of events we can organize can be found in the below:

  1. Weddings and wedding anniversaries, baptisms.
  2. Events for children.
  3. First Communion, meetings, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, birthdays.
  4. Banquets for retiring.
  5. Funerals
  6. Meals for groups and other events, etc.

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Occasional events

The restaurant covers the gastronomic needs of all the aforementioned types of events in all regards. Our employees will advice you on food choice, the colours of the decorations and music.

The cost of an event depends on the items selected for the menu.

There is a parking on the premises, so guests should have no problems with parking their cars and returning home, as the restaurant is close to other means of transportation. Our guests who wish or prefer to organize an event outside can also count on our help.

  • Bar room (40 seats)
  • Restaurant room (160 seats)
  • Banquet room (20 seats)
  • Conference room (50 seats)

Restauracja Dersław
Restauracja Dersław
Restauracja Dersław
Restauracja Dersław

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