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Our kitchen has been successful at organizing catering for various events for years. Our experience strengthened by our knowledge of the latest trends guarantees that meals will be excellent for the fans of traditional cuisine as well as for the connoisseurs of exquisite dishes.



With the coming of spring, more and more events are organized outdoors. For small and medium groups, a barbecue is a perfect solution for preparing fresh and hot meals. We provide professional barbecuing services and a wide range of delicious dishes made using a barbecue grill. The participants should focus only on the consumption of food and great fun.

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In many cases this is the first important event in the life of a young person. Often the guests are close and distant relatives. Due to the time of the year, such events are usually organized in a large tent or in the parents’ house. Our catering experts will make sure that even the most demanding palates are satisfied, letting you focus on the organisation.

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A fair is an event organized in the open air. Each event of this kind has a theme, e.g. Children’s day, first day of summer, local holiday. Normally fairs have a number of supporting attractions such as a concerts, competitions and catering. We can help you with the last item by providing delicious meals for every participant.

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If our clients need catering for a party they organize themselves, we are able to prepare delicious dishes for small and large groups of people, and deliver them to the place and at the time request by the client so that the guests can eat hot, delicious and healthy meals.

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And much more! We also support other events about which we write there Occasional events

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